This Is How We Dance


From struggling actor to wannabe cook, aspiring filmmaker, and national newspaper hack, David Diebold’s unconventional life has placed him in some bizarre and precarious predicaments.

He has blagged his way onto the stage with the Kirov Ballet for an entire run of Le Corsaire without ever having danced: fibbed his way into a busy kitchen and cooked breakfast for Senator Ted Kennedy; and he has completely cocked up a job as a stripping vicar.

Strangest of all, perhaps, is the family backdrop to this rather odd journey, in which David discovered that his sister was actually his mother, and his real father, a former roadie with legendary American band Three Dog Night, who he tracked down with a private investigator, was a top movie special effects man.

By turns humorous and heartbreaking, these 52 vignettes of life, love and loss are soul-searching, searingly honest, and just plain strange…